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This entire page is under spoilers. Please read this only after playing the game and preferably also watching first 18 video logs (you can find them on wiki on page Artifacts as well as in playlist )

Ok, so apparently there is non-carbon, likely robotic "life", which player character belongs to... ironically, his name is John Carbon


Unearth Log 19

First 18 videos show his story of how John's exploration mission was cut short when, after finding and delivering some metal sample, his mothership suddenly left him behind. Trying to getting fuel for his only remaining shuttle at first, John soon discovered capsules (escape pods) from human or similar carbon life.

John's equipment was quite weak and outdated, since he was not meant to play miner (he was mere exploration bot). Luckly for him, capsules contained some "artifacts" which he was able to partially reverse-engineer to improve his tech.

Additionally, John found more metal similar to first ample he found - except metal in capsules was "deactivated", not emitting weird energy signature. Curious, he managed to use positions and movement of planets with capsules to calculate their singular source - which was aquatic planet with broken moon. Not something he hoped for, as he didn't make any equipment for exploring aquatic planets... here goes Glean 2

That's all, folks. Gonna see second part of the story myself now. (Still a bit sad I wasn't able to find video that plays at beginning of the game, but I think it only contained starting summary)