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Minerals are more frequent on volcanic planets and less frequent on glacial planets.

There are four types of minerals: iron, silver, gold and titanium. Each comes in 3 sizes: tiny nugget, ordinary lump, and sizeable chunk. Both the type and the size of the mineral determine the depth at which it can be found.


Iron: Can be found at depth 0-200. More common on Class Ern, less common on Class Ilt. Appears red-brown.

Silver: Can be found at depth 25-200. More common on Class Ilt, less common on Class Ern. Appears silver.

Gold: Can be found at depth 50-225. More common on Class Sin, less common on Class Nir. Appears gold.

Titanium: Can be found at depth 100-250. More common on Class Nir, less common on Class Sin. Appears light blue.


Tiny Nugget: The smallest size. Must be found, cannot be crafted. Used to make ordinary lumps.

Ordinary Lump: The middle size. Can be crafted from tiny nuggets. Used to make sizeable chunks.

Sizeable Chunk: The largest size. Can be crafted from ordinary lumps.

Depth Chart

Shows the depth range for each mineral, by type and size.

Mineral Type/Size Iron Silver Gold Titanium
Tiny ____ Nugget 0-100 25-100 50-125 100-160

Ordinary ____ Lump

50-150 75-150 100-175 150-210
Sizeable ____ Chunk 100-200 125-200 150-225 200-250