More frequent on volcanic planets and Class Ern. Less common on glacial planets and Class Ilt.

Tiny Iron NuggetEdit

Depth: 0-100

Good for emergency repairs as well as improving your ship and sub-systems. In sufficient quantities it can be combined to create bigger lumps, and even smelted to yield lower-grade iron bars.

Ordinary Iron LumpEdit

Depth: 50-150

Can be used for repairs, building modules, and upgrading subsystems. In sufficient quantities it can be combined to create sizeable chunks, and even smelted to yield medium grade iron bars. 

Sizeable Iron ChunkEdit

Depth: 100-250

Good for field repairs, crafting advanced components, and upgrading subsystems. In sufficient quantities it can be melted to yield medium grade iron bars.

Iron Bars Edit

Weak Iron BarEdit

Obtained by smelting iron, this bar gets the job done; as long as the job isn't too hard or heavy.

Regular Iron BarEdit

Obtained by refining iron, this bar is much stronger and sturdier.

Strong Iron BarEdit

The most refined form of iron bar, as strong and durable as it can get.

Crafting Edit

Bunch of Screws Edit

A Bunch of Screws, useful for screwing things, especially onto other things.

Handful of Bolts Edit

A Handful of Bolts that can be used to securely attach things together.

Series of Tubes Edit

These have a large range of uses, from supporting structures to delivering fluids from one place to another.

Coil Springs Edit

Often described as a springy coil of metal, they live up to their name.

Compression Springs Edit

These springs area great when it comes to compression, but terrible at decompression.

Pressurized Storage Can Edit

A Pressurized Storage Can, to ensure that what goes in does not come out.

Airtight Casing Edit

A sleek casing that keep air out, or in, depending on what the situation calls for.

Toothed Wheel Edit

A Toothed Wheel, with no chipped or missing ones.

Fragile Frame Edit

This frame is the base on which other components areattached.

Advanced Substructure Edit

The Advanced Substructure mesh gives additional strength to the base frame.