Glean Wiki

Here is a list of each Artifact in the game, what range you find them in and what recipes they unlock.


Buried Items

0 to 50 Depth
Alcohol Flask  – Bunch of Screws, Pressurized Storage Can
Bullets  – Airtight Casing, Handful of Bolts
Pocket Watch  – Coil Springs, Toothed Wheel
Handcuffs  – Fragile Frame
Light Bulb  – Wireless Wires
Rifle  – Series of Tubes


Lost Items

50 to 150 Depth
Gameboy  – Jumper Cables, Multi-Tier Tank
Magnifying Glass  – Ribbed Casing, Digital Lens
Trombone  – Half Pipes, Atomic Boggler
Typewriter  – Beveled Cog, Whirring Gizmo
Wheel  – Advanced Substructure
Crossbow  – Compression Springs


Hidden Items

150 to 250 Depth
Bomb  – Modular Framing, Stabilizer Array
Camera  – Enter Frame, Multi-Spectrum Lens
Car Engine  – Gear of War, Gyrochromatom
Cell Phone  – Semi-Conductor
Cola Can  – Dual-Flow Tank
iPod  – Reinforced Casing, Molecular Discombobulator